Solvent-based Screen Printing Inks


Mara® Flex FX

MaraFlex FX is Marabu's solution for single- and multilayered identity cards. It is very flexible and has an excellent laminating ability (except FX 170 Opaque White).

Glass Ink

Glass Ink  GL

The 2-component Glass Ink GL is mainly designed for indoor decoration prints onto glass and ceramics (e.g. glass panes, bottles, tiles) as well as promotional items made of these materials. 

Drying is accelerated and improved by higher temperatures. For very high demands such as dishwasher resistance, Glass Ink GL must be baked at 140°C for 30 minutes.

Glass Ink GL is suited for screen and pad printing.


Mara® Gloss GO

MaraGloss GO is a universal, glossy, and very flexible ink. Due to its wide substrate range it is suitable for all common substrates used in graphical screen printing (except polystyrene).


Mara® Glow GW

The three Mara Glow GW colours base on a low odour binding system with different pigment qualities and phosphorescent durations.


Mara® Cure HY

MaraCure HY is a 2-component, solvent-based and UV-curable dual-cure screen print varnish, very flexible and with highest resistances. A modern and economical alternative to film coating for all IMD process steps in the automotive sector.


Libra Matt LIM

LibraMatt LIM is a matt ink with very mild odour, outstanding printability, and suitable for a wide range of substrates. Including an offset base and a blocking silver for double-sided stickers.


Libra Print LIP

LibraPrint LIP is a universal ink, suitable for all typical substrates used in graphical screen printing.


Libra Speed LIS

LibraSpeed LIS is a perfectly suited ink system for backlit advertisement. The LIS colour range convinces through very good vacuum formability and suitability for long-term outdoor use.


Mara® Chrome MC

MaraChrome MC are press-ready bronzes which - printed onto the reverse side of a transparent substrate - achieve high-quality mirror, chrome, and metallic effects.


Mara® Glass MGHT

MaraGlass MGHT was designed for glass applications requiring high temperature stability like the making of “OGS” touch panels (One Glass Solution), or other items such as laboratory glasses or light bulbs.


Mara® Glass MGL

MaraGlass MGL is a solvent-based, two-component screen printing ink for indoor decoration prints onto glass, metal, ceramics, chrome-plated, and coated surfaces. If a high chemical or water resistance is required the printed ink film must be tempered for 30 min at 140°C.

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Mara® Glass MGLA

Two-component glass ink with outstanding light fastness and weather resistance for so-called "second surface" outdoor applications such as

  • City guidance systems
  • Vending machines
  • Ship and tractor controls
  • Entrance door / bell systems
  • Digital city maps
  • Automotive applications

Mara® Tech MGO

MaraTech MGO is a one-component and at the same time highly resistant ink for glass materials and metals.
It can be processed in screen and pad printing.

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Mara® Panel MPA

Screen printing ink for the decoration of front panels of appliances like washing machines, dryers, etc.

Find more information: Tech Info Front Panel Decoration


Mara® Mold MPC

MaraMold MPC is particularly suited for the decoration of products which are post-processed with the IMD/FIM technology. This requires a high resistance to temperatures as well as a good flexibility of the ink.


Mara® Mold MPX

The #1 Ink for Film Insert Molding (FIM)

The best is barely good enough for FIM/IMD applications: Innovative raw materials, brilliant colour shades, and excellent adhesion values make MaraMold MPX your #1 choice for creating exclusive designs with high moldability.

MaraMold MPX is designed for film insert molding applications on polycarbonate (PC) films and offers a wide processing window between printing and finishing.


Mara® Switch MSW

MaraSwitch MSW is excellently suited for the printing of front foils and membrane switches, high-quality flat key pads, as well as further operational control panels.


Mara® Poly P

MaraPoly P is an all-round 2-component, highly resistant screen printing ink with a wide field of use. Can also be used as protective varnish on 1-component ink systems and is suitable for long-term outdoor use.


Mara® Plan PL

MaraPlan PL is a solvent-based and perfectly suited ink for the decoration of tarpaulins and banners made of soft PVC. Can also be used for rollers or injectors through subsequent dilution.


Mara® Prop PP

MaraProp PP is particularly suited for printing onto untreated and pre-treated polypropylene such as materials for tarpaulins, labels, and foamed sheets.


Mara® Pur PU

MaraPur PU is a highly resistant, 2-component ink for interior and outdoor use. Emphasis is laid on the very high chemical and mechanical resistance to nearly all different kinds of fillers and other stresses.


Mara® Pol PY

Excels through a flexible ink film which allows further steps in processing such as chamfering, cutting and grooving in the printed ink film. Due to its very high opacity, MaraPol PY can be directly printed onto dark substrates.


Mara® Speed SL

MaraSpeed SL is a solvent-based 1-component screen printing ink with fast drying and high block resistance, especially for fast running fully automatic or cylinder machines. Excellent results in multi colour printing.


Mara® Star SR

MaraStar SR is the optimal ink for highest demands on gloss, resistance to outdoor use and chemical resistance, for example to petrol and cleaning agents on plastics. For long-term outdoor use, the colour range is completed by 8 additional shades with best fade resistance.


Mara® Flor TK

The highly fade resistant pigmentation of MaraFlor TK allows printing of blinds and sunshades for long-term outdoor use. Further substrates: Casual jackets, sports bags, sailing fabrics or work clothes made of many different materials.