Printing Inks for Graphical Applications

Marabu offers printing inks for paper and all types of plastic - for indoor and outdoor promotional displays, large posters and banners, tarpaulins, advertising and other signage, stickers, promotional gifts, and more - the graphical segment covers innumerable application possibilities.

Whether screen or digital printing, UV-curable, solvent- or water-based: Marabu inks feature excellent results on a broad range of substrates.

Suitable Ink Systems for Graphical Applications

UltraGraph UVAR 

  • UV-curable all-rounder, universally suited for a vast substrate range
  • Very flexible ink film
  • Best suited for outdoor use      

UltraGraph UVSP 

  • UV-curable and highly reactive ink
  • Especially suited for fully automatic and multi colour presses as well as older units with limited UV output
  • Outstanding printability, very good block resistance     

UltraForm UVFM 

  • UV-curable, very flexible ink, suitable for vacuum forming
  • Best suited for outdoor use
  • Very broad substrate range      

LibraPrint LIP

  • Solvent-based, universal 1-component ink
  • Outstanding printability
  • Very good block resistance and mesh opening    

LibraSpeed LIS

  • Solvent-based 1-component ink
  • Very fast drying for high printing speeds
  • Excellent light fastness and weather resistance

MaraChrome MC

  • Solvent-based, press-ready silver and gold bronzes
  • Perfect for the imitation of mirror effects
  • Very good mesh opening, mild odour      

MaraGloss GO

  • Solvent-based 1-component ink
  • Outstanding printability, flexible, mouldable
  • Fluorescent colour shades 

MaraPlan PL

  • Solvent-based 1-component ink
  • Very flexible, especially for the decoration of soft PVC tarpaulins
  • Suitable for printing, rolling, and spraying

MaraJet DI-CP

  • Brilliant colour shades (especially reds and greens)
  • Excellent dot definition, best detail reproduction and image quality
  • High printing speeds

MaraJet DI-SX

  • Excellent Plug & Print compatibility
  • Outstanding chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Very fast drying properties for fast printing speeds and roll-to-roll print jobs

MaraJet DI-JVP

  • Excellently adapted colour shades for Plug & Print compatibility
  • Superior chemical and scratch resistance
  • Mild, low-odour solvents

MaraJet DI-LSX

  • Best Plug & Print compatibility
  • High production speeds
  • Mild, low-odour solvents

MaraJet DI-MS

  • Mild, low-odour, and user-friendly
  • Very good scratch and chemical resistance
  • High-grade pigmentation and brillance

MaraJet DI-V

  • Excellent light fastness
  • High production speeds and fast post processing
  • Brilliant colour shades in a wide colour gamut

UltraJet DLE-A

  • UV LED-curable
  • Adheres very well to a wide range of substrates, including difficult materials
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation

UltraJet DUV-A

  • Adheres very well to a wide range of substrates, including difficult materials
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation

UltraJet DUV-GR

  • Very well suited for common post-processing steps
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation

MaraJet DI-TV

  • Plug & Print compatibility thanks to perfectly adapted colour shades
  • Reliable Performance
  • Fast drying properties
  • Mild, low-odour solvents

MaraShield UV-CBG

  • UV-curable, high gloss coating
  • For cardboard and corrugated board material
  • Suitable for post processing steps such as folding or cutting

MaraShield UV-FXG / FXM

  • UV-curable coating
  • For flexible substrates
  • High-gloss (FXG) or matt (FXM) finish

MaraShield UV-RG / UV-RM

  • UV-curable coating
  • For rigid substrates
  • High-gloss (RG) or matt (RM) finish