UV Screen Printing Inks


Ultra Pack LEDC

UltraPack LEDC is a LED-curable Screen Printing Ink which delivers excellent results in terms of adhesion, opacity, degree of gloss, and reactivity. It is suitable for container printing and flatbed label applications.


Ultra Glass LEDGL

UltraGlass LEDGL was developed for energy-saving UV-LED lamps and can also be cured conventionally (UV), if required.

A 2-component, highly resistant ink system for glass, metals, coated substrates, and PETG with unrivalled initial adhesion.


Ultra Graph UVAR

Through the extremely broad substrate range, UltraGraph UVAR is exceedingly versatile and a universal all-rounder for critical indoor as well as outdoor applications.


Ultra Pack UVC

Direct container or flatbed label printing - UltraPack UVC convinces through fast curing, good water and filling resistance, as well as its universal suitability for a wide range of substrates.


Ultra Form UVFM

The most important features of UltraForm UVFM are high flexibility and fade resistance: It is vacuum formable, very good on elastic and soft materials and our best UV ink for outdoor use.


Ultra Pack UVFP

Low-migration UV-curable screen printing ink for exterior surface printing  onto food, cosmetics, and beverage packaging made of pre-treated PE and PP.
UltraPack UVFP minimizes the risk of subsequent transfer from the outer decoration into the content.

Formulation with carefully selected raw materials:

  • All used ingredients are listed in the Swiss “Verordnung des EDI über Bedarfsgegenstände” (SR 817.023.21)
  • Compliance with the “EuPIA Suitability List of Photo-Initiators for Low Migration UV Printing Inks and Varnishes” part 1A
  • Corresponding to the "Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging Inks"
  • Pigments corresponding to "Resolution AP (89)1"
  • No use of Bisphenol A (BPA)
  • Produced in accordance with the requirements for indirect food contact of the “EuPIA-GMP””

Learn more about the low-migration process and safer inks for food packages



Ultra Glass UVGL

The UV-curable, 2-component UltraGlass UVGL requires no additional post baking while guaranteeing highest resistances. This reduces energy and investment costs and provides efficient production through high production speeds.


Ultra Pack UVK+

UltraPack UVK is a highly resistant and fast curing UV-curable ink system for prints onto 3-D objects made of pre-treated PE/PP. The ink film´s adhesion properties as well as the high degree of gloss are insensitive to climatic conditions such as heat and humidity. 

Braille Varnishes

Braille Varnishes  UVLB 1 / UVLB 2

UV-curable varnishes for the print of tactile prints (braille), characterised by extremely high ink deposits with constant ink film thickness and very good edge definition.

UV Gloss Varnishes

UV Gloss Varnishes  UVLG

High gloss UV printing varnishes for full print area or spot varnishing of screen and offset prints. All of them are characterized by their individual benefits and suitability for different application fields.

UV Matt and Special Varnishes

UV Matt and Special Varnishes  UVLM / UVLS

Three UV Special Varnishes with different transparency levels and surface structures. All of them are characterized by their individual benefits and suitability for different application fields.


Ultra Disc UVOD

The Optical disc ink UltraDisc UVOD is suitable for all current known formates, fulfilling the highest demands in Optical Disc Printing. The low radial deviation values also guarantee first-class results for the high definition format Blu-ray.


Ultra Set UVOS

UltraSet UVOS is a waterless offset 4-colour process set for the decoration of CDs, DVDs, and other disc formats, developed for modern screen and offset combination presses.


Ultra Plus UVP

UltraPlus UVP is a highly cross-linked UV-curing screen printing ink with very good adhesion on different plastics. Main benefits are very high chemical and mechanical resistance of the printed ink film, especially if adhesion modifier is added.


Ultra Pack UVPHR

Ultra Pack UVPHR was designed for printing onto containers made of PET, and thanks to its high reactivity, UVPHR is suited for high-speed machines, but is also tolerant of less-than-perfect curing conditions.


Ultra RotaScreen UVRS

UltraRotaScreen was especially developed for rotary label printing machines with stencils from Gallus (Screeny®) and StorkScreens (Rotamesh®). Especially suited for combination printing with UV letterpress and UV offset.


Ultra Star UVS

UltraStar UVS is mainly used on self-adhesive foils with high flexibility of the printed ink film, high chemical resistance to different fillers, high mechanical resistance to abrasion, and good weather resistance for outdoor use as well.


Ultra RotaScreen UVSF

The silicone-free UltraRotaScreen UVSF was especially developed for combined UV rotary screen/UV flexo presses. It excels through optimum flow and ensures an outstanding compatibility with the overprinted flexo printing ink.


Ultra Star-M UVSM

UltraStar-M UVSM is a highly matte and universally suitable ink for graphical and industrial screen printing with very good adhesion on a variety of plastics. Also used in the flatbed label printing segment. 


Ultra Graph UVSP

UltraGraph UVSP is highly reactive and first choice for modern, large format multi colour presses as well as older curing units with limited UV output, and this with outstanding printability and block resistance.


Ultra Switch UVSW

In a segment which is dominated by solvent-based ink systems, UltraSwitch UVSW offers all benefits of the UV chemistry: Unlimited mesh opening, constant colour accuracy, higher production speeds, etc.