Mara® Mold MPX

The #1 Ink for Film Insert Molding (FIM)

The best is barely good enough for FIM/IMD applications: Innovative raw materials, brilliant colour shades, and excellent adhesion values make MaraMold MPX your #1 choice for creating exclusive designs with high moldability.

MaraMold MPX is designed for film insert molding applications on polycarbonate (PC) films and offers a wide processing window between printing and finishing.


FIM/IMD components made of polycarbonate (PC) or PC/ABS* blends, for use in the following areas:

  • Automotive Interior
  • Paneling for fully automatic coffee machines
  • White and brown goods (household and electronic appliances)
  • Medical devices


  • Screen printing ink for directly injected plastic parts using FIM/IMD in-mold technology
  • solvent-based, 2-component ink system, suited for printing onto the reverse side of PC decorating foils, and for direct injection with PC or PC/ABS (85 % PC/15 % ABS)
  • high flexibility, high temperature resistance, excellent adhesion to injection-moulded resins (PC)
  • Non-conductive Black for IME (Inmold Electronics) - black shade with high resistance values; fully compatible with conductive inks
  • High washout resistance - enables direct injection during the FIM process
  • No additional layer of adhesion promoter ("tie coat") necessary - saving of at least one printed layer; minimisation of layer thickness and costs!

Product properties

Ink system:

solvent-based, 2-component

Substrates:polycarbonat films, PC/ABS* blends
Adhesion:very good bonding between film/ink/resin; high peel values

ink film can be adjusted in flexibility by adding more or less hardener;
ink film allows small bending radi


we recommend tunnel drying with three hot
air zones at 80 °C / 175°F followed by an active
cooling zone.

Degree of gloss :


Fade resistance:

the ink system caontains only pigments of high fade resistance (blue
wool scale 7-8)


*15 % ABS (ABS = Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)