Marabu joins the Climate Alliance of the State of Baden-Württemberg


Klimabündnis BW

Marabu is now part of the Climate Alliance Baden-Württemberg. Our CEO York Boeder signed the climate protection agreement with Minister Thekla Walker this week. In it, the state of Baden-Württemberg supports Marabu in reducing its greenhouse gases. This is another important step in our Project Green to ensure that we continuously reduce our CO2 emissions in addition to our current offset contributions.

With these measures, we want to further reduce our CO2 emissions:

Starting from a base year of 2021/2022, Marabu aims to reduce its CO2 emissions by a further 20 per cent within 10 years. The measures were decided on the basis of the Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 categories for classifying greenhouse gas emissions.

Scope 1 includes direct emissions from Marabu's own business activities, such as gas consumption. Here, Marabu is aiming for a reduction of 42 percent by connecting the company to the district heating network in Tamm in the near future. In addition, the waste gas purification plant is being renovated, which will lead to higher efficiency and lower consumption.

Scope 2 comprises the direct emissions from the provision of electricity, heating or cooling used by a company. There is no CO2 savings potential here at Marabu, as we have been purchasing green electricity at the Tamm and Bietigheim sites since 2007. However, electricity consumption is reduced through the continuous renewal of the machinery.

Scope 3 includes all other indirect emissions caused by a company's business activities, e.g. through supply chains, business trips or product use. In this area, Marabu aims to reduce air transport and switch packaging to recycled materials, for example, to save a total of 19 percent of emissions.

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