Employee News


Today we would like to introduce our new application technician for screen and pad printing inks, Mr Levin Grupp. He will be responsible for advising and supporting our dealers and end customers in Germany in all matters relating to screen and pad printing.

How long have you been with Marabu and which departments have you worked in?

Levin: I started my training as a media technologist for screen and pad printing at Marabu in 2018. I've spent most of my time in the Marabu Print Center, but I've also had insights into many other departments such as our Production, Development, Color Matching Department and Digital Printing. I successfully completed my apprenticeship in 2021 and was then taken on at the Print Center.

In which areas of screen and pad printing have you gained particular expertise over the past few years?

Levin: The work at the Marabu Print Center is very varied, whether it is pad printing on different substrates, in which I was intensively trained, or screen printing for different applications, such as film insert moulding or glass printing. In the end, I have worked with almost all the ink systems in our range. Most of the time it's also about pre- and post-treatment, which is very important with some substrates.

What is your training as an application technician like?

Levin: There is a lot of overlap between our Print Center and Application Technology. I've worked on the technical hotline and directly with customers. In general, customer contact is not new to me. But of course I've been doing a lot more service calls lately. However, the personal contact with customers and the different processes in their printshops is another special challenge where I can gain a lot of experience. I have also recently started visiting customers on my own.

And what do you do when you are not working for Marabu?

Levin: In my spare time I like to play football, I'm a goalkeeper. In general, I like to do sports and go out with my friends.


Thank you very much Levin, and good luck in all your future endeavours.