224 new PANTONE® color shades


Pantone® Formula Guide

The PANTONE® FORMULA GUIDE, the world's most popular color reference tool for design and printing industry, is now updated with another 224 shades.

With 2161 color shades, the PANTONE® Formula Guide was already one of the most comprehensive color collections.

New colors add even more potential for creating logos and branding, packaging, and more.

The 224 new shades plus 5 new base colors were designed to fill gaps in the previous editions of the PANTONE® Formula Guide. Current and upcoming color trends were considered, and more dark and neutral colors were included.

The new shades are displayed in a supplementary fan, printed on coated and uncoated paper which is now added to the Marabu PANTONE® fan set.

Please contact your Marabu Distribution Partner if you wish to purchase the new package.