Liquid Coatings



Mara® Shield UV-AG

Applied using roller coating, MaraShield UV-AG ensures that any soiling or graffiti can be removed easily, without harming the advertisements´s original printed surface. 


Mara® Shield UV-CBG

MaraShield UV-CBG is suitable for roller-coating digital prints on cardboard materials. These applications include e.g. displays, a variety of interior design objects made of Reboard® materials, and printed packaging.


Mara® Shield UV-CGL

UV-curable ink for full-area roller coating onto flat glass.


Mara® Shield UV-FXG / FXM

MaraShield UV-FXG and UV-FXM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on flexible materials such as self-adhesive PVC foils and tarpaulin materials (plasticised PVC).


Mara® Shield UV-PGL

UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass. Sufficient adhesion is provided by roller-coating the glass panes edge-to-edge with primer MaraShield UV-PGL.


Mara® Shield UV-RG / RM

MaraShield UV-RG and UV-RM are suitable for roller-coating onto digital prints on rigid materials such as various plastics, wood, aluminium composite panels (Dibond®), and cardboard and corrugated board material.