Truepress Jet W3200 UV II - Applications

Advertising Materials

Billboards, posters and banners are a fast and effective way to spread advertising messages. This segment of the printing market needs to serve ever-evolving customer requirements. The Truepress Jet W3200UV II completes print jobs to consistently high quality and in line with specific needs. Maximum speeds of 230 m2 per hour (in billboard quality) in roll-to-roll mode, and 184 m² per hour in flat-bed mode (billboard quality), enable rapid performance of complex and demanding tasks to tight schedules.

Signage and information systems

Signage is used both within buildings and out of doors. It helps us to find our way around, and is encountered frequently in our everyday lives – for example in public spaces and buildings, and in privately owned environments, such as offices and corporate campuses.

Interior Design

Sophisticated printed interior design elements, such as decorative panels and wall graphics, are no longer confined to shopping centres and arcades. They are also found in contemporary homes. These complex items can be produced in quality mode at a speed of 68 m2 per hour.

Other Graphics Applications

Multi-layer printing:
This standard functionality can apply up to eight individually definable layers on top of each other.

Backlit displays with day/night effect:
Three-layer printing makes it possible to achieve the same colour density in daylight and at night, through elements printed with differing halftone densities.

Double-sided window-film printing:
This enables the creation of unique store designs. Various layouts with text or graphics can be produced via five-layer printing.

Lenticular Printing

The lenticular printing method creates 2D and 3D effects that give the impression of depth or the illusion of changing, moving images. In graphics applications, materials such as glass, plexiglass, Dibond or wood can be printed. Outstanding results are produced on all substrates, enabling all customer requirements to be fulfilled.

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