Marabu is a Reseller for SCREEN & INCA

One-Stop Solutions: Equipment plus Inks plus Services

Marabu is an official distributor for two leading makes of printer. The SCREEN Truepress Jet W3200 UV II, suitable for graphics, is available in Germany, France and Switzerland. The Spyder Xi digital printer from Inca Digital is ideal for European companies with industrial applications. Marabu customers who purchase one of these printers can be sure of an end-to-end solution to their needs: In addition to ink systems ideally tailored to their specific imperatives, we offer them comprehensive technical services and expert advice.

Industrial Applications

Inca Digital’s flat-bed printer, Spyder Xi, is available in conjunction with Marabu inks and corresponding coatings and primers. It is designed for a wide range of manufacturing applications and delivers outstanding results on diverse substrates, including metal, plastics, glass and wood.



Spyder Xi

Graphics Applications

The Truepress Jet W3200 UV II from SCREEN is a flat-bed printer with optional roll-to-roll capabilities. It provides excellent print quality and a maximum production speed of 184 m2 per hour. This highly versatile system can produce high-quality graphics, including multilayer printing, backlit applications with day/night effect, embossing and other three-dimensional effects.


TruepressJet W3200 UV II