Maqua® Jet DA-E

A water-based Inkjet printing ink, especially developed for printers with Epson DX4 and DX5 printhead technology and additional heating system.


  • Sustainable and water-based, non harzardous classification, easy storage
  • No solvent emissions, no venting system necessary, very user-friendly
  • Great variety of substrates, most versatile applications
  • High colour density, less ink, reduced material costs
  • High print stability on proven printers

Thanks to the high-quality pigmentation, MaquaJet DA-E light fastness of 2 years is achieved on corresponding high-grade foils. It can further be increased through an additional varnish overprint.


Colour Shades 

428 Yellow
434 Light Magenta
438 Magenta
455 Light Cyan
459 Cyan

489 Black


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