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Printing Inks for Operator Control Panels

Operator control panels must work reliably, be easy to use, and be insensitive to dirt or dampness. They come in all shapes and sizes, creating infinite design possibilities. Marabu not only offers inks specially designed for operator control panels or membrane switches, we are one of the few specialists to deliver end-to-end expertise - covering inks, adhesives, membranes, films, and production processes.

On many devices (computer, smartphones, consumer electronics), membrane switches are increasingly being replaced by touch panels or touch screens made of glass. The combination of electronics with state-of-the-art glass products results in durable surfaces that are easy to keep clean - making them suitable for medical equipment and building-control systems, for example.

High-opacity screen printing inks for 3C applications/devices (3C = computing, communication, and consumer electronics) meet and exceed the standard resistance and density requirements of the touch panel market.

Suitable Ink Systems for Operator Control Panels

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UltraGlass UVGL 

  • UV-curable 2-component ink, very durable even without oven drying
  • Saves energy, time, and space
  • Perfect for glass packaging and for large panels of flat glass for indoor use      

MaraGlass MGL

  • Solvent-based, high gloss, 2-component ink for indoor decoration
  • High chemical, mechanical, and dish washer resistance
  • Free of aromatic compounds: Complies with IKEA Standard MAT-0066  
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MaraGlass MGLA

  • 2-component, solvent-based ink for glass 
  • Excellently suited for "second surface" outdoor applications
  • Suitable for lamination with very good bonding properties

MaraGlass MGHT

  • Outstanding temperature resistance
  • Fulfils highest adhesion and resistance requirements
  • Very good opacity

MaraStar SR

  • High gloss 1- or 2-component ink, solvent-based
  • Very fast drying and high block resistance
  • High chemical and mechanical resistances

MaraSwitch MSW

  • Satin gloss, 1-component ink, solvent-based
  • Excellent printability and mesh opening
  • Very flexible ink film, best suited for post-processings such as embossing or die-cutting
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UltraSwitch UVSW

  • Extremely elastic ink film
  • Very good (intermediate) adhesion of the single ink layers
  • Compatible with MSW and SR
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UltraJet DUV-A

  • UV-curable digital printing ink
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation

UltraJet DUV-GR

  • Very well suited for common post-processing steps
  • Developed for high-resolution print heads
  • High-grade pigmentation