Marabu at Fespa 2017

March 06, 2017

“Dare to Print Different” is the slogan for this year’s FESPA trade show in Hamburg. And Marabu will be living up to its spirit by unveiling a variety of new inks for screen, digital and pad printing, plus liquid coatings for graphical and industrial applications. With its broad skillset, Marabu is a natural choice for companies seeking new and sometimes unconventional answers to their specific printing challenges.  

FESPA 2017, will be held from 8 to 12 May in Hamburg, providing the printing industry with its popular annual platform for the exchange of information and insights. Marabu, the market-leading manufacturer of printing inks based in the Stuttgart region, will be amongst the exhibitors (hall B7, stand C60). It will be presenting its comprehensive and varied range of existing products – and unveiling new solutions for specific applications in screen, digital and pad printing. This includes advancements in ink technology for the efficient production of touch screens and as well as recent additions to its portfolio, such as an exceptionally high-quality white within the Mara® Jet DI-SX and DI-MS digital ink lines. A further highlight is the brand-new Ultra Pack UVFP system for screen printing, a UV-curable, low-migration system for food packaging. There is also a pioneering product for pad printing: Tampa® Tex TPX, with a remarkable range of applications.

Screen Meets Digital – Generating Value Added For Industrial Printing
Touch screens and pads are now found in many scenarios, including harsh industrial environments, high-tech healthcare, and consumer electronics. But no matter where they are deployed, the inks used to print on them must fulfil high standards. Against this background, Marabu has continued to evolve both ink formulations and the printing process. For membrane switches, the company recommends the use of a combination of screen and digital printing, exploiting the advantages of both methods. In this instance, the PET material used to make the switch is decorated by digital printing using the Ultra Jet DUV-A ink system – which is also compatible with screen printing. This approach accelerates printer set-up, and enables short production runs and customisation of the individual switches for each print job. The blocking layer is created in a subsequent step by means of screen printing – as digital printing still has its limitations in terms of opacity in special cases. Screen printing can play a supporting role, building upon the digital ink layers. For the blocking layer, panel manufacturers can choose between the solvent-based Mara® Switch MSW system, with white, black and silver, or the UV-curable Ultra Switch UVSW system. This two-pronged strategy can also be transferred to other manufacturing process. For example, the same series of steps and ink systems can be employed for rigid substrates such as polycarbonate and PMMA for the production of front panels. The pairing of screen and digital opens up new opportunities without neglecting cost or efficiency.

A New White For Superb Results
A highly user-friendly eco-solvent-based white has been added to the range of shades available for the Mara® Jet DI-SX and Mara® Jet DI-MS ink systems. Both whites deliver high opacity, and excellent chemical and mechanical resistance – and have an extensive shelf life. A further strength with the highly advanced formulations is that neither of the inks forms sediment while in the printer, ensuring seamless production processes. Mara® Jet DI-SX and DI-MS are suitable for substrates such as transparent PVC self-adhesive films (monomer, polymer and cast films) and other coated materials, such as polycarbonate films. Both lines are fully compatible and combinable with original Roland ECO-SOL MAX 3 inks – as guaranteed by Marabu.

Cold Peel – Digital Transfer Printing For Textiles
Marabu has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to lead the way – with pioneering technology and expert development partners. A recent example is the creation of a cold-peel process for digital transfer printing – with features that conventional screen transfer printing cannot match. For instance, it can be deployed for a large variety of fabric types. The new Texa® Jet DX-DTE digital printing ink based on pigmented resin boasts all the major advantages of transfer technology. The image is printed using the CMYK process onto a specially coated film, without the need for complex prepress work. Screen printing is only required for the white blocking layer or, if needed, the application of adhesive. The final patches are produced by means of a heat press. The patches are extremely thin, ensuring the final result has a soft handle, and safeguarding the comfort of the T-shirt. When deployed on the Mutho Value Jet 628, cost-effective and efficient small and mid-size production runs are possible. Further strengths are wash resistance, and the ability to generate high-resolution images in bright colours. Visitors to FESPA can discover more at the Marabu stand, including live demonstrations.  

One-Stop Solutions: Equipment Plus Inks Plus Services
Marabu is an official distributor for two leading makes of printer. The SCREEN Truepress Jet W3200 UV II, suitable for graphics, is available in Germany, France and Switzerland. The Spyder Xi digital printer from Inca Digital is recommended for industrial customers based in Europe. Marabu customers who purchase one of these printers can be sure of a complete solution to their needs: in addition to inks tailored to specific imperatives, Marabu offers comprehensive, made-to-measure services and expert advice.  This end-to-end approach guarantees seamless production processes.  

Low Migration – New UV-Curable Screen Printing Inks For Food Packaging
Food packaging is designed to present edible wares in a way that appeals to consumers, but also protects the contents. Inks must therefore meet rising expectations in terms of their ease of use in the printing process, the final results – and safety. Marabu’s new Ultra Pack UVFP system complies with these rising expectations. This UV-curable range of inks combines a number of strengths: brilliant, high-gloss colours, excellent adhesion and durability, and very high reactivity for rapid curing and high production throughput. Ultra Pack UVFP can be employed for all types of packaging materials, in particular for pre-treated polyethylene and pre-treated polypropylene.

Recent Additions To The Portfolio – New 4C Process Inks
Glass is a versatile and attractive material with unique properties and appearance that make it suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications. Tampa® Glass TPGL was developed on the basis of state-of-the-art raw materials specifically for pad printing decorations on 3D objects. It offers ease of use, brilliant results, and exceptionally high chemical and mechanical resistance. This ink is suitable for glass and ceramic items, metals, chrome-plated and varnished substrates, and thermosetting plastics. The already comprehensive product line has now been extended to include 4C process inks. The entire offering can be employed on both screen and pad printing presses, ensuring great flexibility. The recent addition enables the generation of photorealistic images on 3D glass objects, such as bottles for perfumes and beverages, and drinking glasses.   

An Ink Suitable For An Exceptional Range Of Applications
The Tampa® Tex TPX system was developed specifically for textiles, and offers very high adhesion and high opacity in conjunction with a flexible ink. As numerous test prints and quality checks have now demonstrated, this best-selling pad-printing ink is also ideal for other, highly demanding tasks. The extremely carefully sourced, high-purity raw materials mean this line not only complies with the strict specifications of clothing manufacturers, such as Adidas A01 und Nike RSL, it also fulfil requirements for baby products, toys and packaging. As a result, Tampa® Tex TPX is no longer restricted to prints on T-shirts, shoes and similar items. It is now perfect for other sensitive products, such as babies’ bottles, dummies (pacifiers), toys, and packaging for personal care products and foodstuffs.  

Water-Based Inks For Decorating Toys With Spray Guns and Brushes
This innovative, eco-friendly line consists of Maqua® Coat MAF base shades and Maqua® Color MAC concentrates. The rapid-drying blend of the two elements can be applied to non-absorbent materials with airbrush equipment, spray guns, or with brushes with synthetic bristles – and is perfect for decorating toys. Recommended substrates include soft PVC (polyvinylchloride), and other materials that have been suitably pre-treated. Low-pressure plasma ensures excellent ink adhesion on polyester, thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), certain thermoplastic elastomers and biopolymers. The products dry very quickly to produce a high-quality silk-matte, highly scratch-resistant finish. 

Eye-Catching Glass Decorations For Attractive Interiors
Glass is ideal for creating classy interior design elements. Mara® Shield UV-CGL can be applied quickly and easily to glass panels using the roller-coating process – creating monochrome decorations, or white backgrounds for large-size digital prints. The Mara® Shield UV-CGL system offers brilliant colours, and dries quickly for efficient, reliable production processes. It also lends itself well to special effects, such as metallic and reflective interference finishes. These liquid coatings can also be employed to produce opaque blocking layer for digital wall prints, for interior wall panels, kitchen work surfaces and splashbacks, and glass doors. The combination of roller coating and Mara® Shield UV-CGL guarantees the efficient application of even coatings on diverse panel sizes, and user-friendly printing processes.


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