Marabu Virtual Showroom

Enter our Virtual Showroom and explore the world of printing inks.

Each of us encounters products printed with Marabu inks several times a day, for example: bottles, glasses, flacons, electrical appliances, posters and children's toys.

In our virtual showroom, you can explore for yourself where you come into contact with our inks in a kitchen, bathroom or children's room.

Enter our showroom

Enter the showroom and discover the Marabu company and its various product worlds.

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How the 360° showroom works:

Follow the link above. Use your mouse to move around our 360 degree showroom.

If you want to know more, click on the screens or the white info points to see videos, 360 degree product images, brochures and much more.

Discover in different rooms where you get in touch with our ink systems in everyday life.

Since 2021, we have been CO2 neutral by supporting climate protection projects. With the "PROJECT GREEN" initiated by us, we are making our contribution to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

In the product overviews you will find a variety of information about our ink systems: 360 degree images, application videos, technical data sheets and much more.

There is a 360-degree application photo for every ink system we present in the showroom. You will be surprised how diverse our applications are.

Video tutorial: How to navigate through the virtual showroom