Press Releases

October 2010

Marabu´s key motto for K 2010: We make good things look better!

Plastics enrich life in various ways. Our screen, digital, and pad printing inks offer an enormous variety of solutions for the decorative and...

June 2010

The Very Latest in Inks for Closures

Halogen-free TampaRotaSpeed TPHF from Marabu.

In recent years legislation has played a more active role in the specification of product safety...

January 2010

Marabu – A Company History with Colour

The Anniversary Book!

For 150 years Marabu has been standing for ink and creativity. This chronicle demonstrates the impressive development of the...

July 2009

150 years Marabu

Marabu GmbH in Tamm is celebrating 150th Anniversary. Instead of one unique celebration, this event accompanies Marabu, its clients and bussines...

April 2009

Decades of Environmental Philosophy

In recent years, environmental thinking and sustainability have become important aspects of business activities. As a company within the chemical...