September 09, 2015

EuPIA Guideline on the safe handling of UV-curable inks

EuPIA, the European Printing Ink Association, has published a new guideline on the safe use of Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) inks and varnishes.

It is complementary to the respective supplier's safety data sheet and provides plenty of practice-related information.

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August 27, 2015

Marabu’s Debut at ITMA 2015

By joining the world's leading textile printing exhibition ITMA for the first time, Marabu makes a statement (Hall 18, E108): Textile printing is a growing market – not only within the printing industry but also for the ink manufacturer itself.

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August 17, 2015

Marabu MaraJet DI-SX: cost-effective, eco-solvent ink

Marabu’s new MaraJet DI-SX solvent-based inkjet ink is a range of plug-and-print inks developed especially for ECO-SOL MAX2-generation Roland printers. The new offering represents an outstanding, cost-effective alternative to the OEM product.

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August 11, 2015

Marabu at Labelexpo: Label and Direct Printing Inks for Packaging Decoration

Marabu (Hall 11, D35) will be showcasing its advanced label and direct printing solutions for the cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industry, including its well-established ink series for rotary and flatbed screen printing.

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June 24, 2015

MaraChrome MC comes with a new Mirror Gold MC 293

MaraChrome MC is predestined for the making of high-quality indoor sales, advertising, and exhibition displays. The press-ready bronzes can simply be screen printed and deliver high-quality mirror, chrome, and metallic effects. The so far available Mirror Silver MaraChrome MC 295 is now complemented...

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June 24, 2015

MaraShield UV-CGL: New, brilliant colour shades

MaraShield UV-CGL was designed for roller-coating glass surfaces, for example by employing the “Bürkle LFC 2100 Roller Coater“. Compared to the commonly used spray-painting, roller-coating offers unbeatable benefits like absolutely homogeneous surfaces and efficient, user-friendly processing.


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June 17, 2015

Showing high versatility at FESPA 2015

Marabu’s booth at FESPA 2015 offered the full range, showing screen, digital, and pad printing applications as well as UV-curable and water-based liquid coatings like the new MaraShield WA-FXG. There was a strong demand for glass applications, container printing, industrial printing applications for...

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May 22, 2015

MaraCure HY: Hybrid coatings for highest standards

Particularly in the automotive sector, the standards keep rising when it comes to optical appearance, quality, and individualization options. MaraCure HY Hybrid Coatings are up to this task thanks to the combined benefits of solvent-based and UV-curable coatings: Flexibility and resistance!


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March 24, 2015

New appearance of Marabu products

This year, the appearance of Marabu products will change in several ways:
As Marabu has registered word marks, the spelling of the product names will change. Additionally, the new health & safety labelling according to GHS will start in Europe following the CLP regulation. Last but not least, the...

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March 23, 2015

Ultrapack LEDC: UV-LED-curable ink for container printing

LED technology is entering the screen printing market, and many machine manufacturers have decided to profit from the various benefits offered by UV-LED technology. 

Ultrapack LEDC is a UV-LED-curable screen printing ink which delivers excellent results in terms of adhesion, opacity, degree of...

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