Packaging Printing

Direct printing onto packagings is particularly used in the cosmetic sector but also for many household articles.

For decorating smaller units such as cream boxes, lipsticks or molded surfaces, pad printing is perfectly suited for unique shapes.

Suitable Ink Systems

Tampapol TPY

  • Solvent-based, glossy 1- or 2-component ink
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • Fast curing and universal application possibilities

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Tampapur TPU

  • Solvent-based, high gloss 2-component ink
  • Especially suited for critical substrates
  • Extremely good chemical and mechanical resistances

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Maraprop PP

  • Solvent-based, satin gloss 1-component ink
  • For pre-treated and untreated polypropylene materials
  • Very elastic, fast drying

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Tampacure TPC

  • UV-curable pad printing ink, no pot life limit
  • Ideally suited for immediate post-processing
  • High gloss, highly resistant and versatile

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Tampaflex TPF

  • Very good adhesion onto TPE materials and Soft-touch varnishes
  • Very flexible ink film
  • Highly chemical and alcohol resistant

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