Liquid Coatings

The smart alternative to film lamination:

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings - Primer, Finishing, Protection

Benefits for your business

  • Lower material costs: Liquid Coatings are considerably less expensive than laminating films, depending on material and application
  • Lower process costs: Liquid Coating by means of roller coating eliminates the need for time-intensive post-print cutting
  • Purpose-designed: Products specifically designed for each application instead of allpurpose coatings of unspectacular quality
  • Consistent quality: Machine application for industrial and reproducible quality - on rigid and flexible substrates
  • Suitable for outdoor use: With a high-grade sandwich combination of film, ink, and coating
  • First-class results: Whether glossy or matte, our coatings provide complete and even coverage without "orange peel effect"

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Buerkle LFC 2100 Roller Coater:

Marashield UV Liquid Coatings were developed and tested in cooperation with Robert Buerkle GmbH, a leading manufacturer of roller coaters, based in Freudenstadt/ Germany.

The Buerkle LFC 2100 Roller Coater features rapid set-up, automatic height and coating thickness adjustment — and delivers industrial and reproducible quality.       Buerkle Liquid Coating Line


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