Marabu Colour Systems

For the design of printing motifs, existing colour systems, such as PANTONE®, HKS®, NCS or RAL are often used. Since these colour systems were originally developed for different printing processes such as offset or for coatings, it is often difficult to reproduce them onto the various, also coloured substrates.

In order to meet the demand for mostly opaque colour samples, Marabu had developed the colour range "System 21" including 21 basic shades many years ago, considering that at this time high opacity was most important. Many ink types are still supplied in these shades.

In the meantime, the systems PANTONE® and HKS® have been more and more successful in the design of colours. The demand for brilliancy has become essential. For this reason, Marabu has developed a new colour system, in order to reconcile the wish for both opaque but also brilliant colour shades in the best way and economically at the same time. Thoroughly selected and optimally pigmented basic shades are the key for an almost unlimited range of brilliant mixed colour shades - without renouncing on best possible opacity. With a combination of opaque and also some transparent, brilliant shades: System Maracolor for solvent-based screen printing inks, System Ultracolor for the UV-curing inks and System Tampacolor for all solvent-based pad printing inks.

All basic shades are intermixable. Please find mixing formulas for colour systems such as PANTONE®, HKS®, or RAL in the Marabu-ColorManager. With the Marabu-ColorFormulator colour matching system, you are able to calculate a mixing formula for any other colour shade as well.

PANTONE®, is Pantone Inc.'s check-standard trademark for color. Portions*Pantone, Inc., 1963, 1991.

HKS® is a registered trademark of HKS (Hostmann-Steinberg, K+E, Schmincke) Warenzeichen- verband e.V.  

All Marabu Colour Systems in detail:

System Maracolor/Tampacolor
System Ultracolor
System 21