Tech Infos - Pad Printing Inks

November 2014

“Red Hot” to “Cool Blue” - Thermochromatic Effects

Screen and Pad Applications and Technical Details.

UPDATE November 2014

June 2014

New Symbol "Evaporation Data"

This TechINFO will be a most helpful tool in choosing the right thinner/retarder if a slower or faster drying auxiliary is desired.

Pad printing cliché
August 2012

Pad Printing Clichés

Manufacturing and durability of different types of clichés.

July 2012

Pad Printing Auxiliaries and Additives

Information about the correct use of Marabu pad printing auxiliaries and additives.

UPDATE July 2012

Effect Inks
April 2012

Marabu Screen and Pad Printing Effects

Nowadays, many printed products draw the customer's attention not only by means of optical impressions, but with emotional messages. Different visual and haptic effects can spark or strengthen a customer's interest, while...

March 2010

Delta E and Delta E2000

Today, the industry allows minimum tolerances for the replication and printing of colour shades. However, the individual human eye perceives and evaluates colour shades and colour differences.

July 2008

UV Inks for Pad Printing - An Investment in the Future

Not only in screen printing UV inks have established their position. Also in pad printing the UV technology convinces with impressive arguments.

January 2008

The Pad Printing Manual - Pad Printing in Theory and Practice

Pad Printing is multifaceted, exceptional, and indispensable in many industries. Initially not accepted as a classic printing process, it offers today an immense range of applications. The known Marabu Pad Printing...

November 2007

Quality of Printing Inks - Info on Tolerances and Production

All printing inks contain a large number of different components that are subject to their own tolerances. Optical differences can arise from batch to batch upon addition of the components to yield the product ready for use.

September 1997

Printing pad - electrostatic charge

The so-called "static charge" can have a negative influence on the printed image. The Antistatic Paste AP from Marabu takes remedial action.