Product Infos - Screen Printing Inks

March 2015

Ultragraph UVSP: Extremely fast and reliable

The most important feature of Ultragraph UVSP is the highly reactive formulation. Beyond fast running, fully automatic presses, UVSP is especially suited for large format multi colour presses as well as older curing units with limited UV output - with outstanding printability and block resistance.

UPDATE March 2015

March 2015

Ultradisc UVOD may be used on all current known formates and meets the highest demands in Optical Disc Printing

UPDATE March 2015

March 2015

For Brilliant Results on 3-D Containers: Ultrapack UVK+

Originally developed for the Asian climate, Ultrapack UVK+ has proven to be a most reliable ink system regarding resistance to heat and humidity. Now available for the global market!

UPDATE March 2015

March 2015

Maraglass MGL - Highest Brillance on Glass

Solvent-based ink for glass with modern, highly brilliant Maracolor colour shades.

UPDATE March 2015

January 2015

Ultraset UVOS 4-Clr Process Set 425, 435, 455, 485: Optimized Rheology for Kammann Offset Machines

Both UVOS 4-colour process sets have been developed for modern screen/offset combination machines. They take into account the different types of printers.

UPDATE January 2015

November 2014

Ultraglass UVGL for Glass: Now the oven stays cold!

Benefit from the advantages of UV curing, save energy, time, and money!

UPDATE November 2014

New: UVGL Primer for brilliant metallic effects

September 2014

Maraglass MGL Colour Pastes

The highly pigmented Colour Pastes offer almost unlimited mixing possibilities and opacity as required.

September 2014

Ultraglass UVGO: The strong UV solution for glass

Environment-friendly UV screen printing ink for the glass decoration.
Ultraglass UVGO is heavy metal-free, saves energy through considerably reduced drying temperatures (compared with ceramic enamels), and offers an almost unlimited range of highly brilliant colour shades.

UPDATE September 2014

July 2014

Ultraboard UVBR: Impressive sharpness

Graphical UV Ink for Indoor Advertising:
Defined edges, easy-to-handle, flexible!

UPDATE July 2014

June 2014

Marasign TS: All-weather traffic sign ink

Marasign TS is a high-grade screen printing ink with best features for durable reflecting traffic signs.

UPDATE June 2014

June 2014

Maralox LX: Ink system drying by oxidation for screen and pad printing

This high-glossy and opaque 1-component ink system is ideally suited for varnished substrates, numerous plastics, as well as some metals. With its simple handling, Maralox LX can be used in screen as well in pad printing.

UPDATE June 2014

April 2014

UltraRotaScreen UVRS: Well Combined for Rotary Screen Printing

High-Quality No-Label-Look in combination with UV Letterpress and UV Offset.

UPDATE April 2014

April 2014

Backlit advertisements: With LIS you are on the safe side!

Libraspeed LIS is a perfectly suited ink system for this important segment. Its colour range convinces through very good vacuum formability and suitability for long-term outdoor use.

UPDATE April 2014

April 2014

UVGL Primers: Don't miss this golden opportunity!

UVGL Primers are now the inexpensive alternative featuring a brilliance that is equal to precious metal preparations!

April 2014

UltraRotaScreen UVSF: The ideal partner for Flexo Printing!

UPDATE April 2014

January 2014

Phosphorescent ink in two pigment qualities

Mara Glow GW 361 
Yellow-Green, short-term phosphorescent
Mara Glow GW 760
White-Green, long-term phosphorescent
Mara Glow GW 761 
Yellow-Green, long-term phosphorescent

UPDATE January 2014

May 2013

MCF-HD2: The next Generation Spectrophotometer

The new Measuring Device for Colour Matching, Quality Control, Density Measurements. With Coloured Touch Screen and Wireless Data Transmission.

January 2013

Ultradisc UVOD 270 for Blu-ray

Ideally adjusted to the Blu-ray format, UVOD 270 comes up with the best of technical and optical features: Unrivalled adhesion onto the new disc surface as well as superior radial deviation values.

UPDATE January 2013

January 2013

Ultragraph UVAR: An all-rounder for successful advertising

Ultragraph UVAR is an all-round talent with easy handling even for demanding applications. Whether flexibility, chemical resistance, or outdoor suitability - UVAR fulfils all requirements.

UPDATE January 2013

January 2013

Ultraform UVFM: Highly flexible for the highest demands!

The most important features of Ultraform UVFM are high flexibility and fade resistance: It is vacuum formable, very good on elastic and soft materials and our best UV ink for outdoor use.

UPDATE January 2013

November 2012

Eye-catching Packages with Ultrapack UVC: The Most Attractive Design Makes the Race

Direct container or flatbed label printing - UVC convinces through fast curing, good water and filling resistance, as well as its universal suitability for a wide range of substrates.

UPDATE November 2012

May 2012

MCF-HD: New Spectrophotometer Available

The Marabu Color-Formulator has become an integral part of daily business for precision colour matching. With the portable spectrophotometer MCF-HD (Handheld Densitometer) we are now offering a handy tool to make the perfect match.


April 2012

Gloss Varnish UVLG 7 complements Marabu UV Varnish Package

Relief varnish, for flat bed screen printing machines (sheets, and roll-to-roll label printing). Very high ink deposit, constant ink layer. High degree of gloss, flexible, with high-definition outlines.

November 2011

Ultrastar-M UVSM 181: A Matt Opaque Black - Stylishly Noble!

First-Class Design for Top Grade Product Lines. UVSM 181 is a deep-matt opaque black with a velvety, scratch-resistant surface. It is perfectly suited for improving the appearance of roll-to-roll labels on flatbed screen printing machines. 

October 2011

Hardener H 3: Now available in 200 g units

Owing to the recently announced change-over to a new container for auxiliaries, the filling quantity of the hardener H 3 is increased to 200 g

October 2011

Immediate Change of Violet Pigmentation

Change of Violet Pigment in all Screen and Pad Printing Inks.

Affected Basic Shades: 051, 055, 152, 850, 851, 852, 950, 952

October 2011

Ultraswitch UVSW: Bright UV future for Membrane Switches

The Membrane Switch market is ripe for UV inks - Switch now!

August 2011

New universal Bronze Paste S 191 Silver

Complementary to the Bronze Pastes S 192 Rich Pale Gold and S 193 Rich Gold:
The new Silver paste S 191, suitable for UV-curable and solvent-based ink systems.

August 2011

Marachrome MC: Impressive mirror, chrome, and metallic effects

Marachrome MC is predestined for high-quality indoor sales, advertising, and exhibition displays. It shows furthermore outstanding suitability for the decoration of float glass as well as electronic equipment (e.g. mobile phones).

July 2011

Ultrastar-M UVSM – New Formulation

Optimisation of surface and printing properties

The commodity market’s ongoing volatility keeps affecting the printing industry in many ways, and is now concerning the ink series Ultrastar-M UVSM. The need to replace the UVSM photo initiator went hand in hand with a chance to optimise the ink’s properties.

January 2011

Maraflex FX 903 Offset Baseprint, transparent

Formerly known as Lamination Varnish FX 54320910M, now available as a standard product.

The compatibility with other printing processes such as waterless or UV offset as well as excellent laminating characteristics are important reasons why the ink series Maraflex FX has undoubtedly established itself as a leading ink for identity cards.

November 2010

Modified Pigmentation for FX 934, Carmine Red

Since our supplier is facing severe problems with the accuracy of the pigments´ colour shade, we are compelled to exchange the pigment of FX 934, Carmine Red. Therefore we will be able to ensure constant shades for any batch even after longer storage periods.
Starting with batch 040.

June 2010

The new Marabu Effect Fan: Affect your senses with Effect Inks

Stimulate design ideas with more than 100 effect varieties at a glance!

With just a flick of the thumb, this fan enables you to present a wide variety of possibilities offered by Marabu Screen and Pad Printing Inks to your customers; including relevant information like printing parameters, delivery times, and price level.

June 2010

Marabu-ColorDispenser Micro: Small but mighty

The MCD Micro excels through its small footprint (1 m²!), is ideal for small dispensing quantities (interesting also for pad printing!) and additionally suitable for solvent-based and UV-curable ink lines. 

More about Marabu´s Ink Dispensing Systems

June 2010

Fogra Certification for Marabu

Marabu adds another industry-first as the only Screen Ink Manufacturer worldwide who has successfully been certified by Fogra according to the Manufacturer Standard ISO 2846-4!

With this, screen printers are able to produce in line to ISO 12647-5 (screen) and ISO 12647-2 (offset) for reproducible quality standards and highest colour accuracy!

Fogra Certificate

February 2010

Bronze Pastes S 192 and S 193 for exceptional images

The two new bronze pastes enable impressive designing and high-class decorations. Universally suitable for UV-curable and solvent-based ink systems!

January 2010

New red pigmentation for various products

Starting with batch 001. Due to the cancellation of a pigment on the part of our supplier it has become necessary to exchange the red pigment of various ink series at short notice.

December 2009

Ultrapack UVC 936: Change of colour shade 936

Along with the previously communicated change of UVC 934, the pigment contained in UVC 936 needed also to be replaced.
According to the requirements for interior applications, Ultrapack UVC 936 will be replaced by a pigment with higher light stability.

January 2009

Maraswitch MSW: Your specialist for membrane switches

Maraswitch MSW has especially been developed for the production of membrane switches. Thanks to its extremely flexible ink film, MSW is best suited to post-processing procedures such us stamping, forming, or die-cutting of the ink film.

November 2008

OP 170 Opaquing Paste: Auxiliary to increase opacity

The Opaquing Paste OP 170 has been developed in order to increase opacity and to broaden the possible spectrum when matching colour shades or printing onto coloured or dark substrates. 

September 2008

The MCM 2 Free of Charge on the Marabu Website!

Your Direct Line to Thousands of Marabu Mixing Formulas
Customers all over the world use the Marabu-ColorManager MCM 2 every day to obtain precise colour mixtures. Now it is even easier to benefit from the huge collection of existing mixing formulas!

to MCM 2 Download

August 2008

UVLB 1 with Improved Formula!

For the print of braille varnishes an extremely high ink deposit is indispensable.  By changing the formula of UVLB 1 for Rotary Screen Printing it is now possible to achieve even higher ink layers.

September 2007

Braille Varnishes UVLB 1 / UVLB 2

Two varnishes with extremely high ink deposit and sharp-edged definition for the printing of brailles. UVLB 1 for rotary, UVLB 2 for flatbed screen printing.

July 2006

UltraRotaScreen UVRS 910: Overprint Varnish with High-Gloss and Non-Yellowing Formulation

UVRS 910 excels through its high gloss and non-yellowing feature and is best suited for overprinting sophisticated print finishings.