Product Infos - Pad Printing Inks

March 2015

Tampacure TPC: New times in pad printing with UV!

Tampacure TPC is the first UV-curable Marabu Pad Printing Ink with a versatile application and easy processing characteristics.

UPDATE March 2015

March 2015

Tampatex TPX - Simply Comfortable Textiles

Easy, quick, comfortable: Tampatex TPX is a pioneering and environmental-friendly substitute for sew-in labels or transfer labels.

UPDATE February 2015

June 2014

Maralox LX: Ink system drying by oxidation for screen and pad printing

This high-glossy and opaque 1-component ink system is ideally suited for varnished substrates, numerous plastics, as well as some metals. With its simple handling, Maralox LX can be used in screen as well in pad printing.

UPDATE June 2014

January 2013

Tampaflex TPF: Top Ink for TPE and Soft-Touch Varnishes

A printing ink for TPE and soft-touch varnishes? The normal reaction is sceptical head shaking, as good solutions for these critical materials have been wishful thinking rather than reality so far. Accordingly, there is a great market for such an ink.

UPDATE January 2013

January 2013

TampaRotaSpeed TPRS: The Ink for Bottle Caps - process safe, quick, and resistant

Drinks bottles made of PET have become increasingly popular and have already replaced the traditional glass bottles in many fields. The Marabu solution for these plastic screw caps was put through its paces and approved by well-known bottle cap manufacturers.

UPDATE January 2013

September 2012

TampaRotaSpeed TPHF - For highest Consumer Safety!

Free of Halogens and Aromatic Hydrocarbons - Great Printability - Fast Drying - High Resistance

July 2012

Tampaplus TPL: Less is More!

The revised version of Tampaplus TPL contains neither aromatic solvents, nor PAA, and features lowest PAH values - and thus follows the newest requirements!

October 2011

Hardener H 3: Now available in 200 g units

Owing to the recently announced change-over to a new container for auxiliaries, the filling quantity of the hardener H 3 is increased to 200 g.

October 2011

Immediate Change of Violet Pigmentation

Change of Violet Pigment in all Screen and Pad Printing Inks.

Affected Basic Shades: 051, 055, 152, 850, 851, 852, 950, 952

January 2010

New Red Pigmentation for Various Products

Starting with batch 001. Due to the cancellation of a pigment on the part of our supplier it has become necessary to exchange the red pigment of various
ink series at short notice.

November 2008

OP 170 Opaquing Paste: Auxiliary to increase opacity

The Opaquing Paste OP 170 has been developed in order to increase opacity and to broaden the possible spectrum when matching colour shades or printing onto coloured or dark substrates.

September 2008

The MCM 2 Free of Charge on the Marabu Website!

Your Direct Line to Thousands of Marabu Mixing Formulas
Customers all over the world use the Marabu-ColorManager MCM 2 every day to obtain precise colour mixtures. Now it is even easier to benefit from the huge collection of existing mixing formulas!

MCM 2 Download

March 2003

Tampastar TPR: Four additional high-opaque colour shades

With the System Tampacolor TPR Marabu has created a colour System bringing in line as best as possible the request for opaque and at the same time brilliant colour shade. Now we will complete the Tampastar TPR range with four hight-opaque and colour-intensively pigmented basic shades.